IIA athletes and coaches have success at the 2019 National Solo Dance Final

Congratulations to our IIA athletes and coaches on great performances at the 2019 National Solo Dance Final hosted by the Peaks FSC this past weekend. We are very proud!

Preliminary Pattern Dance
Vanessa Bradfield FSCPC- 9th

Pre-Bronze Pattern Dance
Hadley Miles FSCPC – 9th
Anastasia Fuentes LVFSC- 12th
Cheri Hendrix FSCPC – 18th

Bronze Pattern Dance
Haley Norman LVFSC – 13th

Pre-Silver Pattern Dance
Annika Futch FSCPC – 14th

Gold Pattern Dance
Sophia Domonoske FSCPC – 3rd

Preliminary Shadow Dance
Meadow Stuart PFSC & Skye Thompson PFSC – 2nd

Pre-Bronze Shadow Dance
Cheri Hendrix FSCPC & Sophie Flint PFSC – 6th

Intermediate Combined
Annika Futch FSCPC – 10th

Senior Combined
Sophia Domonoske FSCPC – 2nd