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Congratulations to our IIA Sectional Final, US Pairs & Ice Dance Final Qualfiers!

Senior Men – Kai Kovar WFSC***

Senior Women – Hannah Herrera CHFSC, Brynn Roberts FSCPC*, Lauren Spilker PFSC

Junior Women- Kate Pressgrove FSCPC, Cindy Lin CPFSC

Novice Men – Trevor Meeboer FSCPC*

Novice Women – Elena Wilson CHFSC,*** Hannah Tsao MSBFSC, Ciel Park SLFS*, Aria Graves CHFSC

Novice Pairs – Milada Kovar WFSC & Nikolai Apter WFSC**

Novice Dance – Evelynn & Dmitri Jones PFSC

Intermediate Women – Sophia Gloskowski FSCPC, Noelle Thackeray CPFSC, Milada Kovar WFSC

Intermediate Dance – Noelle Thackeray CPFSC & Chase Rohner**

Juvenile Boys- Dash Williams FSCPC, Alex Peace FSCPC**, Maxium Sun CHFSC

Juvenile Girls – Autumn Boyd FSCPC, Madison Lampert FSCPC**

Juvenile Pairs – Emelyn Cobb WFSC & Yi Xuan Zhang WFSC**

* Did not compete

**Qualified for National Development team

***Qualified for the US Championships

Congratulations to our IIA Sectional Singles Final Competitors & US Ice Dance Final competitors

Senior Men

Kai Kovar WFSC 6th                                                                     

Senior Women

Brynn Roberts FSCPC 6th

Junior Women

Hannah Herrera MSBFSC 4th*, Cindy Lin CPFSC 11th, Alona Bercovitz MSBFSC 13th

Novice Men

Connor O’Grady WFSC 2nd*

Novice Women

Ciel Park SLFS 6th

Intermediate Men

Trevor Meeboer FSCPC 7th

Intermediate Women -Pacific Coast

Kate Pressgrove FSCPC 5th, Hannah Tsao MSBFSC 8th, Charlese Malaret UFSC 12th, Zoe McCarthy CHFSC 14th

Intermediate Women -Easterns

Samantha Shuflit FSCPC 8th

Intermediate Dance – US Ice Dance Final

Samantha Shuflit FSCPC & Dimi Jones PFSC 11th

Juvenile Boys

Louie Mallane FSCPC 2nd **, Dash Williams FSCPC 3rd**, Ollie Mathews FSCPC 8th

Juvenile Girls 

Sosie Sheffert FSCPC 22nd

*Qualified for US National Championships

**Qualified for the US National Development Team

Congratulations to our IIA distinguished officials!

Intermountain Interclub would like to recognize the dedication and commitment of our amazing officials. At the 2022 US Figure Skating Governing Council Linda Leaver of Utah FSC was recognized as a retired Olympic official. Rebecca Oniki of Utah FSC has served 25 years as an accountant. Strike Fongeallaz of FSC of Park City and Tiffani Shipley of Utah FSC have served 25 years as judges. Thank you for all you do for our skating community! We are grateful and so proud!

Congratulations to all IIA athletes & coaches at the 2022 US Championships!

Congratulations to our Intermountain Interclub athletes and their coaching teams who are heading to Nashville this week for the 2022 U.S. Figure Skating National Championships. We are so proud to have these amazing athletes represent our member clubs! Go Team UTAH!
Senior Men- Nathan Chen SLFS – 1st place, Mitchell Friess WFSC (associate member) – 12th
Junior Men- Kai Kovar WFSC – 1st place
Junior Ladies- Hannah Herrera MSBFSC – 9th, Abigail Ross WFSC – 10th