2018-19 American Ice Theatre Utah tryouts

American Ice Theatre of Utah will have open tryouts Saturday, April 21st from 10:15am-12:30pm for the 2018-19 season. Tryouts are open to skaters 15 years and older.
Tryouts are $30
Tryouts will include off-ice choreography and on-ice skills. Please come prepared to learn choreography and to show off skills from the list below.
– All spirals (edges, both legs, catch foot, etc)
– Y spirals, Beillmans, K spirals, fan kicks, charlottes
Edge and gliding skills:
– Spread Eagles (inside and outside)
– Ina Bauer (inside and outside)
– Reverse Ina’s
– Hydro blades and Shoot the Ducks
– Pivots (all types)
– Working knowledge off all types of stops both directions
Skating Skills:
– Confident with all basic skills (edges, crossovers, 3-turns, Mohawks, mazurkas, Tao toes, etc)
– Working knowledge on advanced skills (twizzles, loops, rockers, counters, brackets, floppy Mohawks, etc)
Jump Skills:
– Split jump, Stag, double stag, russian
– Tuck loop, falling leaf, backward toe split jump
– half-loops (both direction), tuck jump
– Axel
– Highest jump you have solid
Spin Skills: 
– flying Camel, Layback, Upright (forward and backward)
– Butterfly, Deathdrop, Ariabian
– Stars
– Illusions (forward and backward both directions)
– Proficient in centering all basic spins
– Be prepared to show us a spin of your choice
For more information please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts or email us at skateaitutah@gmail.com

Good Luck at Adult Nationals!

Best of luck to our Intermountain Interclub adult athletes at the 2018 US Adult Figure Skating Championships! Thank you to the Utah FSC for hosting an awesome send-off!

Rebecca Dearing, Mackenzie Decker, Stephanie Knighton, Erin Krentz, Jessica Lai, and Shannon Norris