EntryEeze Test Registration

Test Session Policies-Updated March 1, 2017

Test Fee Rate Schedule-Updated January 11, 2018

How to register for a test session:


  1. Go to EntryEeze Test Registration
  2. Click on the Apply for membership tab. (you must complete this step even if you currently have an EntryEeze account through your home club) If you have already completed this step please continue to step 7.
  3. Click on the create a new family account tab. (register only the skaters, not the parent)
  4. Follow the steps to complete the user profile and validate email address and create the account password.
  5. Click on the Apply/Renew tab and select the membership type- Interclub Test Fee.  The click the Apply tab. When asked what the previous club was please enter your current club.  (This does not effect membership status with your club) Then select your home club and click on the save tab.
  6. Click on the shopping cart link and complete the steps to check out.
  7. Click on Test Sessions tab and register for selected test.


  1. Go to EntryEeze Test Registration
  2. Click on the Click Here tab in the Non Member section on the top right hand corner.
  3. Complete the required information to register for test sessions.
If you need additional assistance registering for a test session please email: treasurer@intmntclub.org