2018-19 American Ice Theatre Utah tryouts

American Ice Theatre of Utah will have open tryouts Saturday, April 21st from 10:15am-12:30pm for the 2018-19 season. Tryouts are open to skaters 15 years and older.
Tryouts are $30
Tryouts will include off-ice choreography and on-ice skills. Please come prepared to learn choreography and to show off skills from the list below.
– All spirals (edges, both legs, catch foot, etc)
– Y spirals, Beillmans, K spirals, fan kicks, charlottes
Edge and gliding skills:
– Spread Eagles (inside and outside)
– Ina Bauer (inside and outside)
– Reverse Ina’s
– Hydro blades and Shoot the Ducks
– Pivots (all types)
– Working knowledge off all types of stops both directions
Skating Skills:
– Confident with all basic skills (edges, crossovers, 3-turns, Mohawks, mazurkas, Tao toes, etc)
– Working knowledge on advanced skills (twizzles, loops, rockers, counters, brackets, floppy Mohawks, etc)
Jump Skills:
– Split jump, Stag, double stag, russian
– Tuck loop, falling leaf, backward toe split jump
– half-loops (both direction), tuck jump
– Axel
– Highest jump you have solid
Spin Skills: 
– flying Camel, Layback, Upright (forward and backward)
– Butterfly, Deathdrop, Ariabian
– Stars
– Illusions (forward and backward both directions)
– Proficient in centering all basic spins
– Be prepared to show us a spin of your choice
For more information please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts or email us at skateaitutah@gmail.com