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Peaks FSC to host the 2019 Nationals Solo Dance Series Final September 4-7, 2019

Congratulations to our IIA National Solo Dance Series competitors who finished in the top 6 of the Pacific Coast section in each of their respective events to qualify for the 2019 National Solo Dance Final September 4-7 hosted by The Peaks Figure Skating Club in Provo, UT! Way to go!

Pattern Dance
Preliminary – Vanessa Bradfield (FSCPC)
Pre-Bronze – Hadley Miles (FSCPC), Cheri Hendrix Albertson (FSCPC), Anastasia Fuentes (LVFSC)
Bronze- Haley Norman (LVFSC)
Pre-Silver – Annika Futch (FSCPC)
Gold – Sophia Domonoske (FSCPC)

Intermediate – Annika Futch (FSCPC)
Senior – Sophia Domonoske (FSCPC)

Shadow Dance
Preliminary – Meadow Stewart (Peaks FSC) and Skye Thompson (Peaks FSC)
Pre-Bronze – Cheri Hendrix-Albertson (FSCPC) and Sophie Flint (Peaks FSC)