Peaks Ice Arena Skating Clinic on November 17th

The Peaks Ice Arena is excited to host a clinic on November 17th with four amazing coaches featured. The clinic will be three hours long (two hours on-ice and one hour off-ice) and cost $75. There is an option to add private lessons for an additional cost. The on-ice portion will consist of an hour with Sheila Thelen on jumps using the harness, an hour with Stephanee Grosscup on spins, and an hour off-ice with Giselle Gorder and Haley Smith on strength and conditioning/HIGH fitness.

The groups for the clinic will be split by level (determined by primary coach) and have a cap of 15 skaters per group to keep the group size down and make sure everyone is able to learn. Coaches are welcome to come and observe with their skater at no additional cost. Please see the attached flyer for information on how to register and to see the bios of all the great coaches we have coming into town for this special clinic.