Giving Tuesday is Here!

Utah plays host to at least 8 regional competitions each year and will host the for the 9th consecutive year the US International Classic and Challenge Skate in 2020.

A new requirement in 2019 found us struggling to get volunteers and medical staffing for our events as US Figure Skating requires individuals it, or its member clubs, formally authorizes, approves or appoints 1) to a position of authority over, or 2) to have frequent contact with athletes to have successfully completed a back-ground check with a green light finding prior to participating in and/or preparing for U.S. Figure Skating related activities.

We need nearly 150 Safesport Certified Volunteers totaling over 6500 hours to make this happen.

A simple $20 donation will provide each volunteer 3 hours of training.
We have a lot to do and need your help.

Without your donation, we will be unable to host these or future National competitions in Utah and will lose millions of dollars each year in revenue to our communities and state.

Please share with your club members, families and friends! You can donate through our website at or via our Facebook fundraiser. The direct link to our PayPal is below.…